Syrupee Sugar and his box of treats Review

“This book is appropriately targeted at an age group where they can learn to make lifestyle choices that will impact into adulthood.  The ideas are conveyed in easily accessible vocabulary and it is beautifully illustrated.”
Gemma Stone, Educationalist

Syrupee Sugar and his box of treats

‘Syrupee Sugar and his box of treats.’

A cunning Syrupee Sugar from Sickville goes to Bodiwell to tempt everyone he meets with a box of sugary treats. Linton Liver, Harriet Heart, and Katie Kidney refuse his offer. But when Chummy Chubby Cell accepts, he finds himself in trouble.
(Children age 5-7) e-Book

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Leery and Whiney Review

“This is the book that I wish I read when I was growing up struggling with my mental health. It’s a simple yet effective way to introduce children to the concept of well-being and how to take care of it. The story is engaging and relatable, and the wonderful illustrations enhance the book even further.” Jonny Benjamin MBE. Mental Health Activist, Author, Film Producer, Public Speaker.


‘Leery and Whiney Wheedle In,’

Leery Liar and Whiney Worry Cloud from Stressville upset the twins, Thea Thought and Freddy Feeling making them sad and withdrawn. Dr Trisha Truth steps in to save the day.
Available in eBook, audio narration and paperback
(Children age 8-11)

Mocker and Meanie Review

“Expertly crafted using a deep connection to highlight areas of concern regarding the effects bullying has on people’s lives. This book is beautifully illustrated in an inspiring way and will capture the heart of every individual reading the story. It highlights the importance of treating each other kindly.” Susie Murray, parent.

Mocker and Meanie the Careless Twins

‘Mocker and Meanie the Careless Twins.’

Mocker and Meanie are bullies and think nothing about picking on kids, making them feel bad and depressed.  Carrie Conscience makes them see how they hurt the people they bully. But will they change their ways?
(Children age 8-11) e-Book